testversion of NewLife

August 13th, 2010

We are very proud to present you a first testversion of
NewLife – the Movie

This version is a full production of acts 0 and 1.   (out of 10)

We produced and release it, to get feedback from you in this early state of production.

It´s a personal project and we want you to enjoy it !

So enjoy – leave a comment – make us happy :)

Cheers, Tobi & Wiki

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
NewLife Productiontest von Tobias Lijsen, Victoria Barth steht unter einer Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Lizenz.

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test-production of Act0+1

August 4th, 2010

hy again!

because i never made such huge project with all the complexity that comes with that, i decided to produce Act 0 + 1 for testing purposes.

Thats my workflow:
o   put together the scene files  – put all the cams in
o   animate everything basicly
o   render shots – testcut it –  correct timings
o   animate fine/sub motion
o   musicproduction on testcuts
o   final rendering and compositing
o   editing plus postproduction

Everything went really nice, no bigger problems, except renderresolution was changed from Full-HD to Half-HD, because my machines have not enought RAM to put the MULTILAYER-EXR together on Full-HD. But 1280×720 pix is enougth and faster 🙂

The first 2 Acts of 10 are now 5:30 minutes film – and we are very happy with the result so far.

Also we are now able to work on the storytelling, and we come up with Wiki as speaker !

The TESTPRODUCTION-MOVIE is coming very soon !


Juli 28th, 2010

last 2 week myself and Wiki modeled almost everything needed.
It was a hard time, but a good one, i focused more on big things, Wiki modeled some details.

Here some pics for you 🙂

technical preparations

Juli 13th, 2010

First, i have decided to keep technical aspects  simple as possible  to minimize the risk of demotivation during the production.

Programs in use

Blender (2.49b)      Modelling, Animation, Compositing, Videoediting

GIMP         Texture Preparation, Imageprocessing, NormalmapCreation

Reaper       Musicproduction, Vocal Recording, Mixing & Mastering Audio


We use Blenders LIBARY-LINKING System, to maintain models in only one filelocation.

This means i link a blend-file witch only contains e.g. the character to several scenefiles.

If i make an update to the character, its automaticly updated in all scenes.

Organizing Files

For this reason i decided to build an directory-Structure that is clearly organized and representing the films scenes and things.

The two main directorys are   SOURCES and PRODUCTION   where every model has its place under the SOURCES directory and every scene has its place under the PRODUCTION dir.

Scenes where not defined yet –  as you may have noticed we only got acts and the mainscenes of the story.

So thats the next step. We´ve taken the animated Storyboard, the Detail-Cards  and lot of thoughts and define every scene and name it properly.( i insert the scenenames in the written storyboard)

Now i´m able to create the subdirectorys under //PRODUCTION/…  one for every scene

So what´s next ?     Ahh yes right, the subdir´s for //SOURCES/…  where every landscape, tool, character, builing (and so on)  is in an subdirectory.

So i go through the storyboard and write down a list of needed things.

Here the final directory-structure.

NOW we „only“ have to fill all the directorys with wondefull stuff thats hopefully fits together in the end. 😛

For this more artistical problem – i´m more than happy to have Wiki for maintaining the style and design. She sketched everything nicely styled and learn modeling in Blender to help with that too.

storyboard to script

Juli 11th, 2010

 After the animated storyboard was finished (see last entry) we got an detailed vision of our film and an overview of the timing.

This was a very importent step for us to be able to go on.

So we write the story down to the final script.

Sure its important to spend time off the project, in order to stay away from overthinking things.

So we went out and get some fresh ideas out of conversation with a friend and bring them in.

The script so far contents the 10 acts and the short written main actions.

founding the story and create an animated storyboard

Juli 10th, 2010

Yesterday evening Wiki got this amazing idea and write the story straight down.

We discussed every part of the story and pulled it together.

As a next step we write detailed information about every main shot on single cards to work closer on storytelling and relations.

Therefore we put the cards down to the floor and get it in order. In this step we also defined the acts of the film.

Once done, in the next step Wiki sketched the 90 main scenes on paper to get a first view.

I scanned and then colored them in Gimp to get more feelin out of it.

Here some of the pics.



Out of the sketches (and the cards) we build an animated storyboard with blender´s sequence-editor.

A couple of times we added new shots and change things until we are happy with the result.

Here the final SequenceEditor with over 100 takes inside (ughh!)

All this was done in one long hyperactive night 🙂

And no, we don´t use drugs at all !

As you may have noticed, we dont want to hide anything, so here is the ten minute animated storyboard for you 🙂